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Https//bitly/3cJdvh2 ✧ Credits. JIMIN PROMISE Music Video, Korean & Indonesian Easy Lyric Credit.

BTS 방탄소년단 JIMIN 지민 Promise 약속 hangul lyrics Play

Video by GOMAWO.

Download lagu jimin promise lirik. SUB INDO l BTS JIMIN (지민) Promise (약속) Lyrics l Lirik Terjemahan Indonesia jimin bts promise jimin bts promise sub indo jimin bts promise indo sub jimin. Semoga lewat video ini pesan dari lagu bisa tersampaikan ya. #BTS #JIMIN #PROMISE #INDOLIRIK.

I'm sorry if there's any. All rights go to the owner. No copyright infringement intended.

It borderline does not make sense. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED ◎ I don't own the MUSIC and PICTURE.

BTS JIMIN Promise (약속) (Lyrics Eng/Rom/Han/가사) • Artist. This song and pictures do not belong to me All rights deserved to the owner. Park Jimin" Promise (Lyrics) Artist.

Probably the least accurate English cover on this channel. I do not own the music or the picture in this video all credits to the original artist/owner follow me ↳ instagram. I do not own anything in this video except for editing.

But my brain cells only amounted to this today. BTS Jimin promise lirik terjemahan indonesia. Happy Watching Gaes Khusus nya Buat Army nih yang Baper denger Lagu dari Jimin cuz Artinya Always Stay Gaes #lirikindo #Army #BTS #Kpop.

Turn on subtitle/cc for romanized lyrics Manis banget sih suaranya bang. All rights reserved to the original owner I just want to share this song and.

Promise #PromiseParkJimin #LirikPromise #LyricsPromise #Promise #ParkJiminBTS. N/A • Released.

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